Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair is a CARE alumnus currently working as a Project Lead – CCE at CARE Foundation. Through his experiences with the CARE Foundation, Umair has harnessed his talents and grown into a driven and competent individual. 

Growing up in a low-income household, accessing good education was a major challenge. Millions of Pakistani children do not attend school, and those that do must deal with absent teachers and poor learning environments; I was one of them and I knew from a young age that I wanted a different life.  

My father worked in a factory and we could not afford a private school. Despite the tough financial circumstances, my parents were determined to send me to school. So, I was enrolled in the nearest government institute – Government Boys High School Qila Lachman Singh, Lahore.

The quality of education was unsatisfactory – there were lack of resources, and poor facilities. The system was primarily focused on rote learning and memorization, which does not encourage critical thinking or creativity. Considering the needs of modern society, I felt I would always lack behind.

However, things changed soon after CARE Foundation adopted the school. There was a major transformation; we had highly qualified and responsible teachers, a fully-equipped library, and computer and science labs. Every day was a new day at school; there were so many resources to access, and for the first time, I was filled with excitement at the prospect of my studies and future. 

I got a chance to participate in CARE’s Access to English Language Program, spelling bees, speeches and debate competitions, challenging myself to become a confident individual. My years as a CARE student were life-changing that braced my personal and professional development.  

CARE not only provides quality schooling but also supports students’ higher education journey. It was because of a CARE Scholarship, I was able to attend college. I studied hard to achieve top scores, and make my parents proud. 

While I was offering tuition to supplement my education expenses, my parents wanted me to earn and financially support the household after my high school. It was a crucial time, I wanted to pursue my education, but my circumstances did not allow it. CARE helped me once again by offering a teaching assistant job and I was able to continue my education in evening classes. This helped me complete my Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Human Resource Management.

I worked day and night, and flourished in my academic career. However, all through my career journey I felt a need to give back to my Alma Mater that played a key role in transforming my life. Today, I am proud to serve the CARE Foundation, and contribute towards the welfare of my community.”– Muhammad Umair

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