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CARE Foundation works to provide free quality education to underprivileged children across Pakistan.

Pakistan faces a serious education emergency. 21% of school-aged children in Pakistan do not receive an education.

We know that education holds the power to help people escape poverty, even in the face of adversity.

If Pakistan were to halve inequality in access to education, it would increase its economic growth by 1.7%.

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CARE Foundation’s vision is a country where all children have access to high quality education that unlocks their full potential.

Our work is nation building. By empowering thousands of children with a solid education today, they can help build a happier, more prosperous Pakistan tomorrow.

CARE Foundation

  • Manages over 888 schools
  • Educates 300,000 students
  • Employs over 7000 teachers
  • Awards 1000 College and Higher Education Scholarships Annually
  • Runs 180 Access to English Language Centres
  • Has an Alumni Network of over 130,000 Graduates
  • Runs a Teacher Training Centre
  • Has a Vocational Development Centre

About CARE Foundation

CARE Foundation is a ground-breaking welfare trust.

It has a unique public-private partnership with the Pakistan Government, where failing government schools are adopted and transformed by providing trained staff and missing facilities.

CARE’s PPP model is highly scalable, replicable and cost effective as funds are directly invested in education rather than bricks and mortar, so that quality education costs as little as Rs. 1000 or £5 per child, per month. Currently, CARE is educating over 300,000 children in 888 schools.

How it began

The CARE Foundation was founded in Pakistan in 1988 by Ms Seema Aziz, after a group of concerned citizens came together to rehabilitate flood victims in the Sheikhupura district of Pakistan.

While helping them rebuild their mud homes, they realised there was no school in the area. The best way to help would be to build one.

“Only through education would they stand on their own feet.” 
Ms Seema Aziz.

In 1990, CARE built its first school. CARE also established a dispensary to offer affordable primary health care and built a vocational centre, to provide income-generating opportunities to local women.

CARE's Model

We have managed to improve thousands of lives over the years by bringing good quality education to the underprivileged children.

Build a School

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In January 1991, CARE’s first school opened its doors to be greeted, much to everyone’s surprise, by 250 eager children.

CARE quickly became known for its high-quality education, and children from far and wide flocked to the school.

More schools were built in other locations with the support of donors from across the globe.

Adopt a School

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The City District Government Lahore approached CARE in 1998 to adopt and manage some of its failing schools.

CARE agreed to take on 10 such schools, pioneering the concept of Public Private Partnership in education in Pakistan. CARE
transformed these schools completely, providing missing facilities, such as toilets, science labs, computer labs, libraries and trained staff. As a result of this success, CARE has been approached to adopt more schools by every successive government.

Today, CARE is educating thousands of children in over 850 adopted schools.

Success Stories

Know More Rabia Ashiq Hailing from a modest background, I attended the CARE adopted school. During one of my inter-board games, I was approached and selected by coaches from WAPDA. That brought me the opportunity to compete in national & international sports festivals. Know More Muhammad Ali Coming out of tough circumstances after my father’s death, I became part of the CARE foundation’s Access to English Language Program. As a result, I became a professional trainer & succeeded in teaching as many as fifty trainees almost twice as old as me! Know More Muaviya Zaki I completed my matriculation from CARE Adopted Government Girls High School. During my days as a student, I was exposed to a learning environment that played a pivotal role in my personality development and this exposure lead my way to secure a job in a multinational company. Dr Farah Azam Know More After acing my matric exams, I was lucky enough to be able to receive full scholarships from CARE to complete my intermediate and later, enrolled into a 5-year MBBS program at Fatima Jinnah Medical University. I just knew that I wanted to be a doctor for the rest of my life.
Hashim Malik As a graduate of CARE adopted Govt. School I was among 5 outstanding students from CARE who visited Japan. In our tour we participated in the Sakura High School Exchange Program which was focused on Science and Technology based activities. Know More Fatima Mehmood I graduated from CARE Adopted CDG Girls High School, Singhpura. Later, I joined Nespak in 2013, where I got to work as a Junior Expert in the Geotechnical Engineering Division. Currently, I am serving University of Engineering & Technology as a lecturer.
Know More
Dr. Muhammad Azam I completed my matriculation from CARE-I High School in Iqbal Town, District Sheikhupura in 1998. I went on to pursue my MBBS from King Edward Medical College, Lahore on a CARE scholarship. Later, I joined Mayo Hospital as a doctor and rose to the position of Registrar. Know More Mubashir Rashid My father was forced to get me admitted in a government school, because of tough financial circumstances. CARE scholarship paved my way for admission in the BS.IT program at Punjab University, landing me a job as a software engineer. Know More Siddique Akbar Things were hand-to-mouth for me for a long time. I didn’t have money for course books, taught private tuitions, walked eight miles to get to my academy. CARE provided me with a scholarship, which enabled me to complete my final year of Engineering and go on to a job and career. Know More Kamal Ahmed I did my matriculation from CARE -1 High School in Iqbal Town, District Sheikhupura. With the help of CARE’s Scholarship Program, I completed my M.Sc. in Chemistry from GCU. I have worked at DESCON, Servis, and Unilever as a Quality Assurance Officer and have recently launched my own firm by the name of Hygiene Professionals. Know More