CARE Projects & Programs

CARE Foundation runs a number of exciting educational programs in schools to provide students an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

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Scholarship Program

CARE established a scholarship program in 2001 to provide financial assistance to the bright and deserving CARE students who wish to pursue higher education. The program provides monitory support for tuition fees, books, stationery, examination fee and transport and/or hostel expenses. CARE awards 1000 scholarships annually. This program has been a life-changing initiative for countless families whose children after graduating from Pakistan’s best college and universities, have gone on to become doctors, engineers, bankers and so on.

Teacher Training Program

CARE has its own teacher-training center that was established to ensure regular teacher training programs. The training enables teachers to follow high quality teaching and learning practices in their respective schools.

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Access to English Language Program

The Access to English Language Program was launched in 2004 with the objective of developing English language skills of children to provide them an opportunity to compete equally in the world. The program has grown exponentially over the years and is currently being run in 60 CARE schools. Access graduates have landed jobs in multinational companies, banks, universities and some are pursuing their interests as entrepreneurs. 

Creativity, culture and education (CCE)

Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) was started in 2015 to encourage creativity and critical thinking in classrooms by integrating arts into school subjects. The program follows a high functioning classroom model in tandem with five creative habits of mind. Currently the program is being run in 75 schools.

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STEM Program

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program was launched in 2018 to give students a hands-on and interactive experience of the practical aspects of various STEM disciplines such as, Aerodynamics, Botany and Robotics.

CARE Craft

After the first CARE Foundation school was set up in 1991, a vocational centre was also set-up to generate economic opportunities for women affected by the devastating floods. It soon turned into a fully-fledged enterprise development programme, now known as CARE Craft. An extensive range of skilfully crafted hand-made accessories are produced, which help in creating employment and generating funds, which are invested in CARE Foundation schools.

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Lead to Succeed

The Lead to Succeed was started in 2017 to enable students to gain exposure and awareness about various career-paths. The program brings individuals from well-known local corporations and multinationals to the classroom, for interactive sessions and in-depth discussions.