Our Presence

Expanding the Network Across the Country

Having the goal of elevating education across the entire country, CARE foundation has expanded progressively covering a whole lot of locations. Let it be the schools we’ve built/adopted or the training centers we’ve developed, our network have wrapped a considerably, substantial area across various cities and provinces. We’re enlarging intensely and are willing to grow even further to help children prosper with the right educational resources.


Own Schools


Adopted Schools

What We Aim For

We Work Hard to Educate Every Child

CARE Foundation has devoted resources to level up the opportunities for needful children to get the education they need to have an enlightened future. We’re determined to put in the effort required to compose a network that not only solves the problem of the lack of quality education, but also does it on a large scale.

We’ve uniquely designed processes, programs and work flows for ensuring that every child benefits with the blessing of quality education. Our unwavering systems are developed to make sure that the children have access to a sophisticated and stable environment, where they can learn without any disorder.

CARE Own Schools

Over the years, CARE built more schools in other locations with the support of donors across the globe. Currently, CARE is running 33 purpose-built schools.

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Nishat CARE High School (NCHS)

CARE foundation is a prestigious educational organisation in Pakistan. Nishat CARE  High School (NCHS)  is part of this organisation since 2011. The aim of institute is to provide quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence through qualified  management, professional training and effective teaching strategies, bringing benefits to our students, the community and the wider world.

The school is unique as well as modern in its region. With the world and the needs of the community changing at an ever increasing rate, NCHS endeavours to be open to change, to adopt, innovate and keep pace with the goals that society expects. Our aim and belief is that through effort and hard work, students will be able to step confidently into the highly competitive   “real world”.

For the sake of improvement in English language an Access to English language program was interposed in institute in which student’s  English speaking  skills were polished through different techniques. Furthermore, Cultural Festival by British Council was also a pioneer for the institute in which NCHS participated in different activities and got a dominant position among other network of schools.

CARE Adopted Schools

We’re upgrading the standards of the schools across the country with the mission of providing all children with calibrated education, a learning supportive eco-system and a gateway for opening new horizons of knowledge. With the help of our team and contributors CARE foundation has progressively developed new schools and/or adopted low performing schools to elevate their rank.

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Chamra Mandi School

When CARE Foundation adopted the Chammra Mandi City District Government Girls High School in 2004, student enrolment was 0 and it’s walls were tearing apart. Today, it teaches 2000 students at all levels. Regular improvements take place in decor and teaching is carried out through activity based learning. The administration has adopted a student centred approach to providing education and parent teacher meetings to take place bi annualy. It is hard to undermine the positive effects this is likely to have on the nearby community.

GGCMS 99-9L Sahiwal School

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GGES 97-9L Bara Wakeel Wala, Sahiwal School

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GGPS 40-12L, Chichawatni School

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GGPS 97-9L Chota Wakeel Wala, Sahiwal School

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