Fatima Tariq

Fatima Tariq, aged 26, CARE alumni and Access to English Language Program Coordinator

I was brought up in a family of nine siblings. My father was the only earner. He was a building contractor, and did not earn a great deal, so we were enrolled in government schools; I was lucky enough to be enrolled in a school that was CARE adopted.

My whole education has been through CARE. I was educated at a CARE adopted City District Government Girls High School in Lahore. The education provided matched the private school standards. I had the opportunity to learn English language and participate in several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The experience helped me gain confidence and a lot of exposure to the world.

Four of my siblings were also CARE students. We’re all very different! But we’re all doing very well. I’m working and studying; I pay all my expenses on my own, that is a big achievement for me. I feel independent. One of my sisters is working as a teacher in Bahrain, my younger brother is doing an MSc in Maths, and another is studying law. My parents are not with us anymore, but they would be very proud.

I worked as an English language teacher at the school I was a student at for five years. My students came from the underprivileged backgrounds, and they were all so smart. There was one student in my class who came from a background of gypsies; her family just had a tent. Now, she is working as a nurse in a hospital, and she’s bought a house for herself and her family. I think that is an incredible achievement.

I now work as Access to English Language Program Coordinator. My work includes curriculum design and implementation, teacher training and evaluation. I think teaching children English language is critical as it helps them connect with the world and opens numerous opportunities for them to learn and earn.

For me, the biggest challenge in Pakistan is quality education, it is very, very expensive. That is why we need organisations like CARE, to adopt government schools, to provide quality education.

Today, I see a lot of young people who are motivated and grateful for the life they have and want to give back to their country. I am one of them. I know that the work I do is benefiting my country.


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