Fatima Tariq

Fatima Tariq, aged 27 is a CARE alumna who is currently working as an English Language Program Coordinator at CARE Foundation. Her inspirational life story has transformed her into a courageous and confident lady, who is deeply committed to the meaningful work she is doing for her community.

Fatima was brought up in a family of nine siblings where her father was the sole earner. With limited resources, she had to struggle for a good education. She is proud to be a CARE Student and here are her thoughts:

“I graduated from CARE-Adopted City District Government Girls High School, Lahore. I must say CARE School provides the best educational opportunities to children who are striving for a better tomorrow.

My father was a building contractor and did not earn a great deal, so me and my siblings had to tutor primary children to cover our education expenses. Every day was a struggle, but it was worth it.

The greatest motivation of my life was to attend school where I was provided quality education. Besides, I got a chance to join the Access to English Language Program and improve my communication skills. As a determined student, I actively participated in extracurricular activities, won many speech competitions and raised the flag of CARE School. One of my greatest achievements was winning the Prime Minister’s Speech Competitions (at Tehsil level). 

I feel that children belonging to middle-income households are deprived of quality education, and this inequality affects them badly. However, I was fortunate to be a part of CARE School as the institution always ensured best education standards enabling us to discover our full potential and become empowered members of society.

My father passed away when I was just 18 years old, and I had to sacrifice my studies. CARE supported me once again by offering me an employment opportunity. I embarked on my career as an English language teacher. The experience helped me gain confidence and a lot of exposure to the world. It also granted me the opportunity to become financially independent, which for me, is the most significant life accomplishment. 

With hardwork and dedication. I was able to jump ranks. Today, I work as an Access to English Language Program Coordinator, and my responsibilities include curriculum design and implementation, teacher training and evaluation. I think children must have strong English language skills as it empowers them to confidently compete with the world and benefit from valuable opportunities.

According to me, the biggest challenge in Pakistan is quality education, it is very, very expensive. That is why we need organizations like CARE.” 

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