As an ambitious student at the CARE 1 high school, Sana remembers her story all too well. She remembers the extreme lengths her mother, who used to work as a maid in the locality, had to go to ensure her children were offered the best education in that district. “Regardless of her hardships my mother ensured that we received a top quality education.” Every parent dreams of empowering their children to the fullest. Sana’s mother was no different. The CARE 1 schools allowed deserving students to receive quality education even though they couldn’t afford it. “I appreciate Ms. Seema’s initiative because education is the key to build a prosperous Pakistan. Ma’am Seema supported most of the families from Sheikhupura where the CARE 1 School was built.” Sana’s mother had always been determined and made sure all her children had at least gone to school, if not completed it. She instilled confidence in them to achieve what they thought was beyond them. Her commitment seemed unwavered. “My mother used to work as a maid; she used to feed us with scraps of whatever she had gathered from work the previous day. Whenever we were hungry we had to wait for our mother to get back from work so she could feed us. Those meals were the most delicious meals!”
Unfortunately though, during her middle school Sana’s mother succumbed to illness and passed away. Tough times followed but Sana stayed put, received her scholarship and was determined to pursue her higher education. She had to face difficulties on different fronts. Her brother’s conservative attitude towards her daily activities was a major concern, to the point where her education started to suffer. Tough times engulfed them soon and Sana had to start work prematurely before completing her education. This was the time when a proposal regarding a teaching facility, sent by Sana got approved and the Sheikhupura chamber decided to set up a new educational facility where Sana would later teach. Sana soon rose up the ranks and completed her education.
Sana had always been extremely ambitious with regards to her objectives. In the Sheikhupura chamber she started off as a ‘Dispatch officer’ but then got promoted two positions as the membership officer, all the while assisting with community building programs with the government. She always saw herself working for the Pakistan Air force and got enrolled there in a course for ‘Women Development”, an empowerment program for women. Sana possesses a number of qualities, however; the most notable one would be the fact that despite the setbacks she had to face she didn’t let anything discourage her from reaching her set objectives.
Sana always had this firm belief that success would follow if she worked hard, remained optimistic and had total faith in the almighty.
“Never be discouraged even if you’re the only one working for a cause.”

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