Mubashir Rashid is the son of a proud Public Call Officer (PCO) who had envisioned all the success in the world for his child. However, while Mubashir was still very young some uncalled-for circumstances engulfed their family.

Managing the finances of the entire household and ensuring quality education at this point for his son proved to be extremely difficult for Mubashir’s father to manage and was forced to get his son admitted in a government school. An extremely hard decision as no parent wants their child to waste any time at a run-down government school.

They soon got to know about CARE’s incentive of taking over Government schools and revamping them. Mubashir got enrolled in the CARE Adopted City District Government Islah-e-Moashra Boys High School with a manageable fee to not burden his father.

“The regular Government school structure doesn’t really work well, so when CARE adopted the CDG Islah-e-Moashra school the entire setup was forced to straighten up. This was a blessing, the teachers started to show up on time along with the reduction of pathetic practices usually equated with the Government school setup. The CARE teachers proved to be thorough professionals.”

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