Hashim Malik, a graduate of CARE adopted Govt. Boys High School Islah-e-Moasher Shadbagh, Lahore, was among 5 outstanding students from CARE who visited Japan to participate in the Sakura High School Exchange Program which was focused on Science and Technology based activities. Currently enrolled in the Govt. Islamia College, Civil Lines, pursuing his Pre-Engineering on a CARE scholarship, Hashim remembers his story all too well:
“While I was still in school, to our surprise, me along with some of my friends were called to the head office for an interview. It was strange considering we had absolutely no idea as to why we had been called. Soon after, my father received a call from CARE Foundation mentioning that my name had been shortlisted as part of the Pakistani delegation traveling to Japan. To my dad’s utter appeasement the trip was entirely sponsored. The entire family lit up, excitement was everywhere. Although astonished, I started preparing myself for the trip. I had heard a lot about how advanced Japan was, and was curious to experience how modern it would be once I finally got there. It was my first time traveling in the airplane and this made me even more excited. Once we landed, we were in awe and it was an entirely new experience for all the children who came along. We visited multiple institutes and several places there and every moment was a completely different experience on its own. CARE introduced the world to us.”

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