Dr Adnan, 28, is studying to be a Urologist.

My father was a bike mechanic, he owned a bike shop. When he suffered from heart problems, he had to stay at home. Life changed completely and we underwent huge financial crisis.

I am one of six siblings. I went to a CARE adopted government school in Lahore. CARE introduced many exciting educational programs in our school. One such program is Access to English language. I attended the program for two years and it was a life changing experience.

My parents wanted me to become a doctor and I wanted to turn their dream into reality. CARE Foundation paved a way by providing us good quality education, otherwise, I would have been a bike mechanic.

It takes ten years to get to this stage of my medical education. I am now doing my specialization – Urology – at King Edward Medical University / Mayo Hospital Lahore. There are very limited urologists in Pakistan, especially pediatric urologists. One in eight children suffer from urological disorders. My aim is to serve them.

My elder brother has been a huge support. He runs the bike shop, which was owned by my father. Unfortunately, he did not go into education as he was very young – 16 – when my father suffered from a cardiovascular episode. He took it to himself to run the shop and made a big sacrifice.

I have three sisters who are all studying at Government College University. I believe that we have set a good example for others, it shows how we can succeed, even with limited resources.

I feel very hopeful about my future. Although finance is a driver behind a career as a doctor, so is being a human being. I think helping others is important. Being a good doctor, you want to earn respect and money follows once you’ve earned that respect.

Education is very important, and girls should have an equal opportunity to receive this basic right. Around 30% of primary age girls are currently out of school. I have three sisters; they are all studying. I also have two little daughters. Investing in female education is critical and it is important for girls to have an ambition.

One should never lose hope and remain focused and determined. That is the key to success!



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