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We’re on a mission of upgrading the state of education nationwide, to make the blessing of knowledge and learning accessible for every needful child.
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CARE foundation is dedicated to put forward adequate learning & educational opportunities for every child. Our team efforts have resulted in plenty of deserving children turning their way out as stories of success. With your contribution we can reach more underprivileged children, provide better educational facilities, and take their life one step closer to a brighter future.
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Schools are the powerhouses of knowledge and can be the ultimate assets for learning. From the very initial days CARE foundation has built and adopted hundreds of schools nationwide to raise their standard of education and environment. With your sponsorship, we can speed up the climb and progression to make every school reach a standard where learning is advanced and the conditions are sophisticated.

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Our aim with CARE Foundation is to educate children which aren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with the resources required. As an independent NGO working for the prosperity of the education sector, we’ve put ourselves accountable to bring the change and have dedicated our resources for the cause. We have faith in co-operative endeavors when it comes to improving the educational infrastructures nationwide. With your assistance and contribution, we can tackle the problems coming in the way.