In 1988, CARE opened its first school on Sheikhupura Road, in the Pakistani province of Punjab. On day one, over 250 children had lined up outside, barely clothed but eager to learn. One school turned into several more. Our children are no less capable than students attending private schools around the country. What’s more, they are topping their board exams and competing in Model UN Conferences.

Our Founder, Seema Aziz, travelled to flood-affected areas in 1988 to help people reconstruct their homes. She noticed that children were roaming the streets freely during the day. She later found out that there was no school. These children had been deprived of a basic right. Being a silent observer wasn’t going to solve anything. It was time to take action.

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Adopted School

Our Impact

We believe illiteracy is a curse for any nation and our efforts are directed towards removing this curse for the future generations.

Equal Opportunity Irrespective of Gender

We recognize the difficulties faced by girls when seeking education. Thus, we’ve developed schools to make learning easier for them.

Achieved Lower Dropout Rates in Our Schools

Higher dropout rates have always been a major problem of schools in Pakistan, as most schools recorded dropout rates of 80%. In CARE schools we have achieved dropout rates as low as 10%.

Equal Opportunity Irrespective of Status

Quality education is the basic right of every child no matter if their financial background is weak or strong. Our aim has been to provide quality education irrespective of a child’s social status.

Helped Families Stand On Their Feet 

We understand that education enables people to build their lives. Our alumni’s success is a testament to our firm commitment to help families stand on their feet.

Slide Dr. Farah Azam Professional Doctor A CARE foundation’s alumna became an MBBS qualified doctor and is aiming to build her own hospital in the future.
Slide Awais Bhatti Professor, Punjab College CARE school graduate attained the position of the head of biology department at Punjab College. Slide Syed Sajjad Hussein CS Student A bright CARE alumnus is now pursuing a degree at the PUIT to be an engineer in the future. Slide Muaviya Zaki CRO, Toyota A shy girl with big dreams led her way from the CARE foundation’s schools to being the Customer representative officer at Toyota.

The Change

Our programs are designed to raise a nation in which every child has the means to quality education. To turn our dreams into reality, we offer several educational programs.

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CARE Own Schools

CARE foundation owns several schools across Pakistan, which are located in remote parts of the country. Our aim is to expand our network across the country and help every underprivileged child reach high-quality education. The schools are built on donated land, teachers are appointed on merit, and we actively participate in school’s day-to-day operations and management.


Purpose-built schools


Double-shift schools



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Join Our Cause

With your donation, we aim to build more schools, educate more children, and raise a nation free from the curse of illiteracy.


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Sponsor a Unit of Education


PKR 70,000


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Sponsor a Class


PKR 70,000


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Sponsor a Child's Education with CARE

Our initiatives are designed to provide learning opportunities to every child being deprived of their right to quality education.


Public-Private Partnership

We believe in an impactful partnership between the public and private sector. And you can

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Grant & Scholarships Program

Join hands in providing scholarships to intelligent hardworking students. Therefore, our customers are able to

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Nationwide School Development

Help us in our mission of developing a school network across the country by investing

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Our Partners

We’re proud and greatly indebted to organizations that joined our cause and are helping us craft a better future for the children of Pakistan.

News & Events

Dive into the latest national news in which we’re featured and the events we’ve participated in.

Bayer Partnership

Announcing the partnership between CARE Foundation and Bayer Pakistan! Bayer’s core competencies are in health care, nutrition and high



Harvard Panel Selection

CARE Access program graduate, Hamza Ibrahim, has been selected to attend the Asian International Relations conference at Harvard University



CARE Students at #YLES2017

This week, our students from CARE adopted Charrar & Qainchi participated in the 2017 Young Entrepreneurial Summit organized by



Education is the Right of Every Child

We, at CARE have a vision to equip every child with quality education to enable them stand on their feet. Our honesty towards our cause has helped us develop a network across the country for underprivileged children.

We believe the contributions from other organizations, as well as the people of Pakistan, can help us eradicate the curse of illiteracy. By building schools, we’re striving to give the best gift a nation could receive: the gift of education.

Together, with your support and donations, we can raise the standard of education and offer equal opportunities to every child irrespective of their gender, caste, and social status.