Mehek Mushtaq

Mehek Mushtaq, 31, is specializing in Anaesthesiology I come from a humble family.  My father was an artist and the sole breadwinner for our family. I have one brother and two sisters. I attended the CARE adopted Shahdara City District High School in Lahore. My teachers were a big



Mubashir Iftikhar

Mubashir Iftikhar, 28, is an engineer. I grew up in Lahore, the youngest of five. My father was a medical representative at a pharmaceutical company, so at first, I received a private education. Things went upside down when my father had to leave his job due to poor health.



Dr Adnan

Dr Adnan, 28, is studying to be a Urologist. My father was a bike mechanic, he owned a bike shop. When he suffered from heart problems, he had to stay at home. Life changed completely and we underwent huge financial crisis. I am one of six siblings. I went to



Muhammad Saad Arif Sindhu

Muhammad Saad Arif Sindhu, 32, is the co-founder and partner at Shamsher & Saad. One of seven children, I grew up in Shahdara Lahore, an underprivileged area in Lahore. My father worked as an Engineer Supervisor in Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL). Our financial situation was not sound. He



Dr Amara Ilyas

Dr Amara Ilyas, 37, received a scholarship from the CARE Foundation to complete her medical qualifications. She works as an Assistant Consultant at King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia. I grew up in Lahore and went to a government school – the attitude of the teachers to students was


Fatima Mehmood

Spotlight On: Fatima Mehmood

Fatima, 30, is a PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. I come from a large family with four sisters and two brothers. My father was a shopkeeper, while my mother was a homemaker. There were no individuals with professional careers within my immediate and extended


Fatima Tariq

Spotlight On: Fatima Tariq

Fatima Tariq, aged 26, CARE alumni and Access to English Language Program Coordinator I was brought up in a family of nine siblings. My father was the only earner. He was a building contractor, and did not earn a great deal, so we were enrolled in government schools; I


Muhammad Umair

Spotlight on: Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair, aged 34, is Project Lead CCE (Creativity, Culture and Education) at the CARE Foundation My father worked in a factory, and he could not afford to send me to a private school, so I went to the nearest government school – Government Boys High School Qila Lachman



Spotlight On: Nabeel Arshad

Nabeel Arshad, 28, is head of HSE Department (Health Safety & Environmental department at a chicken processing plant in Pakistan.  I grew up in a very rural, old-fashioned family. My mother is a housewife, and my father grows crops and looks after the fields. There was no education. In


Spotlight on: Sana Khan

As an ambitious student at the CARE 1 high school, Sana remembers the extreme lengths her mother, who used to work as a maid locally, had to go to ensure her children were offered the best education in that district. “Regardless of her hardships, my mother ensured that we