May 10, 2018 / CARE News, Highlights

CARE Students Win Big at LUMS

CARE students recently participated in the Bridging Barriers Olympiad at LUMS.
Bridging Barriers was a mini Olympiad organized by LUMS Community Service Society where students from different schools competed against each other in a friendly atmosphere.
CARE students did exceptionally well and won the first prizes in Law Moot Court, History Trivia, Sports Gala, and Art Fest.
We congratulate our students on this achievement and hope that they will keep making us proud.

May 10, 2018 / CARE News, Highlights

CARE Students on their way to the UN, WWF, and LSE!

CARE Foundation’s Student Delegation put forth an outstanding performance at the Pakistan Global MUN.
Our students carried on their winning ways and were able to fetch laurels among fierce competition.
Amna Maham from CARE Adopted Fatehgarh School, Memona Tanveer from CARE Adopted QLS School, and Abdullah Farrukh from CARE Adopted Amir Road School won the Honorary Mentions.
Zain Shehzad from CARE Adopted QLS School won the Outstanding Diplomacy award for his representation of the United Nation Human Rights Council.
Fazeel Ahmed Butt from CARE Adopted QLS School was declared the Best Delegate from the Pakistan National Assembly.
The Honorary Mentions will be given a chance to intern with the Lahore Stock Exchange.
Zain Shehzad has won an internship with WWF in recognition of his Outstanding Diplomacy award.
Fazeel Ahmed Butt, the star of the ceremony, has been selected for a Summer Internship at the United Nations Malaysia Office.

May 10, 2018 / CARE News, Highlights

CARE Students at Lahore Biennale

Students from ten different CARE Adopted schools were invited to the much anticipated Lahore Biennale where they attended workshops on Calligraphy, Truck Art and Kite Making. These workshops were conducted at the lusciously green Jinnah Garden in the heart of Lahore.
It was an entirely new experience for the students where they got involved with art forms that are integral parts of our culture.
The second phase of the event was organized at the Lahore Fort. Students from the National College of Arts and volunteers from the Lahore Biennale Foundation took CARE students on a guided tour of the Fort and shared with them the rich history of Lahore.

May 10, 2018 / CARE News

CARE makes Art and Science Meet

CARE Foundation initiated Graphic Design classes for its creative and tech savvy students. The comprehensive two-month course was carried out by our Creative Designer, Mr. Hammad Qureshi, at the CARE Head Office.

The students were taught the basics of graphic designing and photography. The students learned and applied techniques like Logo Design, Poster Design, Stationary Design, Image Treatment, and Typographical Techniques.

May 10, 2018 / CARE News

Project Based Learning Pilots at CARE School No. 1

The closing ceremony for Project Based Learning, CARE Foundation’s pilot project, was organized at CARE High School No. 1 on the 13th of March.
The theme of the project was Health and Hygiene which was integrated in all school subjects with the help of interactive models and activities.
A project exhibition was also held on the closing day. Students from different grades presented their models of safe cities and the various civil departments that work to make a city safe.
The successful implementation of Project Based Learning in CARE’s model school is a huge step to enter a new era of interactive learning in Pakistan. CARE Foundation will soon start this project in its other schools as well.

September 25, 2017 / CARE News

Achieving Dreams – Ensuring Human Dignity Through Education

CARE is proud to announce that it’s founder Mrs Seema Aziz spoke at an event titled ‘Achieving Dreams – Ensuring Human Dignity Through Education’ organised by the Pakistan Mission at the occasion of the 36th Session of the Human Rights Council. Inspirational students also shared their stories. This event was broadcast live from Geneva on the official page of the Pakistan Mission.

September 20, 2017 / CARE News

One Day One Choir

Students from CARE Schools performing a poem by Iqbal titled ‘Bache ki Dua’ (Prayer of a Child) at The International Peace Day Celebrations for One Day One Choir.

June 13, 2017 / CARE News


Announcing the partnership between CARE Foundation and National Bank of Pakistan! NBP is sponsoring the educational expenses of 15 students of CARE High School No. 1. We hope for a fruitful and continuing partnership with NBP.

May 6, 2017 / CARE News

Lead to Succeed

CARE has launched its Mentor-ship Program, Lead to Succeed. The month long program focuses on four core areas: self identity, leadership, self-esteem and personal vision. The program has kick-started in CARE Adopted CDG Boys High School, Rehmanpura with volunteers from Fatima Group. Kudos to the mentors for carrying out an exciting and engaging first session. We wish the mentees and their mentors all the best for the next few weeks as they learn and develop together.

April 24, 2017 / CARE News

Victors Return With A.H. Kardar Cup 2017

We heartily congratulate the cricket team of the ‪CARE-Adopted CDG Boys High School, Qila Lachman Singh, ‪Lahore‬ for winning the A.H.Kardar Cup 2017 at Qaddafi Stadium accompanied by a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-. One of our ‪champions won the Man of the Match title and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5,000/. We applaud our team for their sportsmanship and skills and wish them best of luck for their future.

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